The Stay True Street Team

I have a new book coming out soon. I'm scrambling trying to put together my marketing plan and to start it rolling into action. One way authors, especially self-published and small press authors, have been drumming up interest in their books is to elicit help and put together a street team.

What is a street team, you might ask? A street time aids the author in promoting their books. You are the social influencers who go out there, hitting the streets to help bring the news to readers the author might not be able to reach. Usually this is done by word of mouth or posting something on a blog or social media. Thats it! Not too hard sounding, is it? You'll also have a chance to meet and collaborate with other members of the street team too, if that interests you.

I've created my own street team, The Stay True Street Team, and I'd like you to take part in it. All you have to do is send me an email at Put Street Team in the subject and let me know  you are interested. I'll send you my street team information sheet and you can see if you'd like to take part or not. It doesn't take much time. And you'll receive a few gifts along the way. Thanks for helping! This author appreciates it.

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