Fiction Friday 2/27

Continuing the excerpt from last week. Andrea finds out the raised voices are Luke's divorced parents arguing.

Watching this scene play out absolutely shocked me. I had no idea it was this bad for Luke. I mean, I know divorce can be bad. I’ve seen movies and heard about it from other kids, but it’s different having it play out before your eyes.
Luke maneuvered his parents to sit on opposite couches facing each other. The anger dropped to a lower level, and they actually started talking.
I was eavesdropping on a private family matter. I didn’t belong here. Moving quietly out of Luke’s room, I progressed past the living room and was just about to open the front door when Luke called out my name.

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Alana Terry said...

Happy almost release day! This was a touching scene. Divorce is so sad, especially from a child's perspective

Johnnie Alexander said...

Congrats on the imminent release! How exciting. This is a poignant snippet.

Jenny Gentry said...

Congratulations on the coming release! As a daughter of divorce, this scene really resonated with me. I look forward to reading more.

Cindy K. Green said...

Thank you for the comments. Andrea's realization of the tense atmosphere in Luke's home life affects her greatly.