Reading Old Favorites on my B-day Weekend

I'm sitting on my bed with a stack of books. All of them YA. It's my birthday weekend and I plan to read as much of them as I can. Among them I have Melody Carlson, Kristin Billerbeck and yes, Meg Cabot (and it's not just because Royal Wedding is coming out this summer!). Do you find yourself re-reading old favorites. I do! I do it all the time. And sometimes I feel guilty about that as there are so many good books out there that I have yet to read. But how can I not revisit these special friends like Elizabeth Bennet and even Princess Mia? So I say, go forth and read: read new books, favorite books and even something outside your usual reading genre. There is nothing better than being submerged in a good book. That's how I'll be spending my birthday--well, between eating good food and birthday cake, of course.

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