Sunday Snippets 2/22

This excerpt comes from Andrea & the Five Day Challenge-a YA romantic novel from Pelican Book Group. Releasing March 6th. 

I felt a little nervous with the door shut. Why had he shut it? What did he plan to do to me? “It’s OK for me to be in your room, isn’t it?” It seemed like a stupid question since his mother didn’t seem all that worried about us, but still I wondered. I mean, I’m not allowed to have boys in my room.

“You know, it’s never really come up. I’ve never had a girl in my room before.” He sounded angry again, as if my question reminded him of the whole stupid situation which had brought us to fight earlier. I guess it’s not really a fight but definitely tension.

“Well, that’s good to know.” It was a lame response, but I didn’t know what else to say.

“What part—that it’s OK for you to be here or that I’ve never had a girl in my room?” He stepped close.

Even though I’m unusually tall for a female, he towered over me and I felt really small. I didn’t like arguing with him. I hated confrontation and tension.

The doorbell rang in the front of the house, but Luke didn’t seem all that interested in who it might be. Maybe his mom ordered pizza.

“You know, Luke, why don’t you just give me that assignment and I’ll go. You don’t even have to drive me home because I’ve lived here all my life and I can get there on my own.

”Don’t be like that.” His voice softened.

“I’m not being like anything.” My eyes started to mist over. “I...” But I couldn’t say anything else.

“Andrea, please, I’m sorry...” He didn’t finish what he was going to say (and I think it would have been good because his eyes were doing that emotional swirling thing), but it was then that we heard raised voices.

 Andrea & the Five Day Challenge.  
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Cecilia Corona said...

Hooked. Great snippet.

PT said...

Great snippet. I love the way the raised voices break the moment -- makes me want to know more about the characters and the voices. I hope you continue with this next week.

Cindy K. Green said...

Thanks Cecilia! Thanks PT! I can continue it next week. Great idea!

Siobhan Muir said...

Good snippet, Cindy. :)

Sarah W said...

I definitely want to know what happens next---and honestly, if she's safe with Luke.

Excellent snippet and I love the cover blurb. :)

Cindy K. Green said...

Thank you Siobhan & Sarah. And Sarah, don't worry Andrea is perfectly safe with Luke. You are just seeing the other side of a fight/argument that arose because of something Andrea did that hurt Luke.

Anonymous said...

Great snippet. I wonder what the raised voices were about. And what she wanted to say to him.

Iris Blobel said...

What a place to stop :-) great cliffhanger. I'm hooked.

Cindy K. Green said...

Again, Ladies, thanks for all the comments. Come back next week for more from this scene.

Linda said...

I can see why she doesn't like the tension. It really looks like something good should have happened and that the argument happened instead.