Being Intentional

A week ago, I attended a homeschool mom's retreat in the North Carolina mountains. It was beautiful! That sounds a bit lazy for a writer, doesn't it?  I'll try again...The scenery was awe-inspiring and magnificent. The feeling of peace and contentment surrounding me filled my weary soul.

I was blessed to get away with a good friend and to hear the wonderful Heidi St. John who you might know as The Busy Mom. Check out her website. Follow her on social media. Download her podcasts. You won't be disappointed. 

I've heard Heidi speak before and I've followed her online for a few years, but this time more than ever she was so incredibly encouraging. That didn't only relate to us as homeschool moms. In fact, she spoke to us more as Christian women than anything else. We have to keep our walk with Christ strong for us to be successful in anything else we do--whether it be homeschooling our children, being a good wife, a productive writer, etc.

She encouraged us TO BE INTENTIONAL. That is so important in this day and age. We are busy people. Look at Heidi's online handle (The Busy Mom). Let me repeat, we are busy people. So more than ever we need to be intentional about the things that are important to us. Do you want to get into God’s Word everyday? Then be intentional. Do you want your children to be in God’s Word everyday? Then be intentional about making that happen. It won’t happen otherwise. We have way too many other things that can slip into our day and before we know it, we’ve missed opportunities to spend with the Lord.

So, now, readers, I want to encourage you to be intentional. One way you can do that is to switch up your morning routine. What do you do first thing in the morning? My kids are getting older. They don’t bother me at first light like they used to. In fact, I think they hope if they are quiet enough I might forget they live here and won’t put on the teacher hat and start school. (Not Happening Kiddoes!)

Now my morning routine usually consists of me grabbing my phone or iPad and checking my calendar, email and other social networks to help me wakeup and get my day started. I’ve made a switch over the last week to open up my Bible app and read several chapters of the Bible instead. I’m using the Olive Tree Bible Study app. The basics of the app are completely free and you can set up a reading plan for yourself. It has really helped me. I’m also taking part in Heidi’s monthly Scripture Writing Plan. Download it and start writing scripture. I do this with fiction when I am trying to prepare myself to write a new story/new genre. It fills my brain with good words. What better words are there than God’s Words? Do it. You’ll be amazed at what a difference it will make in your day.

I hope I’ve been an encouragement to you. Be Intentional Today!

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