Author Showcase

Had a wonderful time at the author event at the Wilson Library on Saturday. I must have spoken to about 100 people about my books. And I even took part in a live Facebook interview of all the authors. Here are a couple screenshots from that interview. Which expression is your favorite?

I met a lot of great people, but the most poignant moment had to be when a middle aged man in a wheel chair approached my table. He picked up a copy of my YA novel and appeared to be reading the back cover blurb. Looking at him, I couldn't imagine he would enjoy my teen girl coming of age novel, but I began to engage him in conversation and I asked him the question: "what kind of books do you like to read?" He looked me right in the eye and replied, "Actually, I can't read." That started a whole other conversation about trying to help him figure out a place locally he could receive adult reading classes. Before he left my table, he told me, "I'm not giving up." He so dearly wants to learn to read and he's not giving up. I took away much from that conversation. Immediately after he told me he could't read, my heart hurt to see that shameful look in his eye but by the time he left I felt as elated as him. He wasn't going to give up. Learning to read was so important to him and he wasn't going to let it defeat him. I wished him well and he continued on his way. Of the hundred people that I spoke with that day, I will never forget him. 

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