Christian Fiction Blog Hop--March 20th

From my current WIP Luke & the Christmas Decision (Book 1.5 in the Aubrey Christian Academy Series)

Youre right. Im cool. I squeezed Andrea's hand and smiled. Then I let her hand go and slid back in my seat. You know California is great this time of year. Sunny and bright and a whole lot warmer than Central NC.

Are you trying to make me jealous? She crossed her arms pretending to be annoyed.

No, I just thought it might make you think about coming to California with me.

What? Her head jutted back and her eyes widened.

Yeah, its perfect. Brilliance had suddenly come to me. It was rash and ridiculous. Everything I usually avoided. Didnt you say you had an aunt or uncle in LA?

Cousins. Second cousins of moms, but…”

So, see if you can stay with them. Maybe you can get a later flight in a few days. Then I can show you all my favorite haunts. Itll be perfect. I covered her hand which had been lying flat on the table.

Thats when I noticed her facial expression. It wasnt full of excitement with her green eyes lit up at the possibilities like when I offered to drive her to see her favorite pianist play in Charleston.  She drew her hand away.

Luke, I cant. First of all Mom and Dad would never approve. Remember my parents? The overprotective ones. You have maybe confused them with some super cool parents.

I know I just thought that maybe if you were visiting family they wouldnt mind…”

Luke, its not just my parents. I cant go. Its what I wanted to tell you. Im going to be in this Christmas Eve concert in Richmond. Its a pretty big deal. Its a charity concert and some big names are going to be there. It's a great honor that I was chosen out of my entire class.

Sure I get it. Its important.

It is important. I mean youre important too.

Now she reached for my hand but I shifted further away and crossed my arms over my chest. Its OK, Andrea. You cant come. I pretty much knew you wouldnt.

"I can't."

"You can't."

"You know I'm going to miss you," she smiled with a cute tilt to her head.

I smiled back. "Not as much as I'll miss you. So, come on, tell me about this concert."

I picked up my coffee mug and took another sip. I knew she wouldn't come and yet Id hopedId hoped that for once I wouldnt feel second to her music once again.

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Caryl McAdoo said...

I have California cousins, too, on my daddy's side. Actually, I was born in Long Beach, but we moved to Texas before my first birthday. When I was growing up, we went back every year. Blessings!

Cindy K. Green said...

Hi Caryl! I was born in Anaheim, CA but I went to college in Long Beach.

Johnnie Alexander said...

Ah! I just wanted to give Luke a hug at the end.

Alana Terry said...

Good job handling the dialogue here!