Brand Spanking New Website

Almost two years ago, I started back into writing. At that time, I had my husband help me redo the website using that difficult html. It might not be so hard for some, but I'm a history major and as with most history majors things like math and computer code are just not our forte. Although, I am pretty good at Algebra nowadays.

A week ago Friday, I had a new book release and we had yet to update the website. And really it needed a complete overhaul again. Husband's been swamped at work and then my Mac hard drive crashed. Had to get a working computer first and then figure out how I could update the website myself. Lo and behold I found my website provider had an easy to use website builder. This was new! Wouldn't it be awesome if this was something I could use to build a new website and then be able to make changes all on my own!! Can you see my building excitement?

And Voila! After THREE HOURS of mind-numbing work, the website is completed. Love for you to come by and check out the site. What do you think?

And P.S. If you hadn't noticed, I changed the look of the blog too. Nice, right??

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