Summer Bible Study

A couple weeks ago, I started a new Bible study. I love going to church Bible studies. Not only does it get me into the Word each and every day, but I also get to fellowship with lovely Christian ladies. The problem I seem to find for me is that during the fall/winter or the spring, things seem to pop up (school, life, frustrations, etc.…) that keep me from attending every week. And then I get behind and don’t want to go if I haven’t done the homework.(You know, you've probably been there.)

A good friend of mine invited me to start attending a Bible study at her church that would be held during the summer. I thought to myself, “how perfect!” That’s exactly the time of year I would love to attend a Bible study, but my church doesn’t hold them during the summer.

So, this summer I’m studying the book of Esther. We’re doing the Beth Moore study called Esther: It’s Tough Being a Woman with the accompanying DVDs of Beth’s teaching (Wow! She’s some speaker, isn’t she?)

I’ve already learned so much from a book I thought I already knew pretty well (and I've only just started chapter 2!). I love history (history degree/history teacher here) & any Bible teaching that comes from a historical perspective makes me sit up and take notice more than anything else. And then once God has my attention, he pulls me into his Word and teaches me things about myself that surprises me. 

I’m looking forward to learning more from Esther and hopefully I’ll have the time to share some of those insights with you here.

Happy Reading Friends (& studying)!


Tanya Stowe said...

Love Beth Moore studies! They're packed with great insights!

LoRee Peery said...

I think this remains the best study I've taken. For months the phrase "for such a time as this" remained in my subconscious.