Snippet Sunday 4/6: Excerpt from Andrea & the 5-Day Challenge (YA romance)

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In this excerpt, Andrea is sitting with the object of her desire at a football pep-rally (It's spirit week and today is Dress as Your Favorite Superhero Day) and has just experienced a painfully awkward conversation through the throng of the crowd. To learn more about this title, read the previous post with blurb and cover art. Coming out this Fall from Pelican Book Group.

I leaned in near Luke, and he smelled really great—like something fresh and clean. He looked incredibly good in a suit and tie and I almost couldn’t speak. “I…I think I’m going to go back inside before the crowd converges.”
“Sure, OK.”
I’d assumed that to be the end of our conversation, but he turned his gaze to mine and smiled. “I’ll go with you.” Then he stood with me and took my hand to help me down the unsteady bleacher.
I thought I might just die then and there. Who was this guy? He was a seventeen-year-old gentleman. Did they even come like that these days? He was supposed to wear baggy shorts and have scraggly hair while he grunted rather than spoke to a girl, but instead this one had politely helped this girl down out of the football stands and planned to escort her back to her locker. Well, knock me over with a leaf blower.


E.E. Giorgi said...

that's a really sweet snippet! :-)

PT said...

I love her thoughts about what he was "supposed" to be like. LOL

SherryGLoag said...

"Well, knock me over with a leaf blower."
lol Love this line.

Sarah W said...

He sounds like a keeper---so far.

I love the 'leaf blower' line, too!

Anonymous said...

The last line made me laugh. Good snippet!

Elaine Cantrell said...

Leaf blower. Love that. I like him too so far.

Linda said...

She seems to have very low expectation on guys.