Simply Irresistible – a favorite forgotten movie

Friday night, I had the living room to myself. The sons and hubby were busy playing their video game together--one of their Friday night activities. So, I thought I'd watch a movie. The DVD I pulled off the shelf was Simply Irresistible starring Sarah Michelle Geller and Sean Patrick Flannery.

It's really a simple story in many ways. Boy meets Girl so on and so forth. It's about food, romance and opposites attracting. Added into the mix is the magical component of falling in love over food. Yes, a seriously magical element.

Sarah plays a young woman named Amanda who has inherited a small family restaurant after her mother's death. The restaurant isn't doing well and might go under. Through the direction of some kind of guardian angel, she meets Tom, a department store executive. She's not his type but after he tries her food he can't get her out of his head...or his appetite.

The story gets even better after that and silly too. Oh and did I forget romantic. This is a movie that makes you hungry. It's sweetly sensual in the delectable sense of the word. And just like the savory, luscious deserts Amanda makes in the film, you will be completely satisfied by the end.

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