White Rose Contest

Our Cup Runneth Over contest details:

WRiB mug

Each week, over the next seven weeks, you will have the chance to win free e-books courtesy of the White Rose Publishing authors.

How? By joining our scavenger hunt. Each Saturday two to three new author’s web-sites will be added to the White Roses blog. Your job is to locate the WHITE ROSE PUBLISHING cup hiding somewhere on their site. Jot down the author’s name and what color cup is on their web page and e-mail the correct answers to carolann.erhardt@gmail.com (Please place in the subject line WRiB Contest) Each Saturday, starting September 19th, a winner’s name will be drawn and your prize will be awarded.

But that’s not all, each time that you send in an entry—regardless if you win that week or not–your name goes into a larger kitty for the grand prize drawing October 31st! (That prize consists of: seven e-books, a box of White Rose Organic tea, your very own beautiful White Rose mug, and a little basket of Arbonne skin care products.)

Get going today. The first two web-pages were already posted so you can start your hunt. There will also be a listing of the books which will be awarded.

Hope you can join us!

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Well it looks like you did well the first time. You'll get the second one through high school too. Then hopefully onto college and wonderful grandchildren who you get to see and spoil, and then they go home! It'll all work out well.
Mary Ricksen