Remembrance 9/11

Today is the Memorial of 9/11 and the Terrorist attack on the US. This morning on Fox News they are discussing the event and my oldest son was able to see the actual planes crash into the Twin Towers. (He was only 3 y/o when this tragedy took place.) It, of course, made me think back on when I saw this for the first time and how I found out about what had taken place. In 2001, I was teaching 7th grade. I hadn’t turned on the TV or the news radio that morning. So I had no idea when I arrived at school. One of my male students ran up to me very excitedly and told me that terrorists had flown a plane into a building, but I thought he was playing with me. They would do stuff like that to me. Then of course I learned it was true. School was dismissed early and I got to go home and see televised footage.

Our country was very affected by that day. From that moment on we thought differently about the world. Some of those memories have dulled with time. American’s patriotism was at a high after 9/11. Something we hadn’t seen practically since 1941 when we were attacked by the Japanese. Slowly we’ve begun to forget, but we can never forget.

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