Book Review: Now & Forever by Mary Connealy

So, I was accepted into Bethany House's reviewer program which was thrilling!! And the first book I received was the 2nd book in the Wild at Heart series by Mary Connealy. The postman dropped off  the package and my heart beat excitedly in my chest. I ripped it open and found this book just waiting for me to read, but being the busy mommy, wife, teacher, author that I am, it has taken me much longer to read this book than I would have liked.  It had nothing to do with the book and everything to do with finding time to read the book.

I love Mary Connealy’s books and this one did not disappoint!

Not having read book 1, at the onset there was some confusion on who all the characters were and how they were related, but once you get into the first chapter or so the book really is stand-alone. The author capably explains the necessary plot ideas that you might have missed from book 1.

In Now and Forever, we meet Matt Tucker (wild man/mountain man) and Shannon Wilde (pretending to be a man since the Civil War and trying to forget that same war too) who end up going through an adventure together and surviving only to be forced into a marriage of convenience due to propriety.

This is one of those books that you just tuck into, rest back into your pillow and enjoy every moment. Mary's writing style is so easy to get drawn into and before you know it several chapters have gone by. There's just something so genuine in the way the author creates her characters and as they reach their epiphany of life and love it touches your heart in a real way and the words flow over your soul and comfort you.

Matt Tucker for instance is a hero to fall in love with and not just because he's handsome and able to fight and protect Shannon but he also has a heart for God. And he says things like this after Shannon finally divulges something personal and hurtful from her past: “”If I’m strong enough to listen, then for certain God is.”

Memorable characters, terrific writing and the plotting and pacing are perfect. I definitely plan to get the other books in the series. Go out and get this one but maybe start with book 1 in the series. Ava liable at all book outlets such as Amazon.

I received a free copy of the book from Bethany House publishers for an honest review.

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