GoodRead Reader Interactions

I've heard such varied stories from authors about their interactions with readers on GoodReads--some good and many not so good. It has sent a number of authors running from this social media site. Even I avoided the place in the past, but ever since my latest YA novel released in March, I have been utilizing the site a good deal. In fact, the site Seekerville asked me to write an article for writers on how and why to use GoodReads. You can find that article here. I was told later it was the most viewed article on their site that month.

But I have to say that I have had some of the best reader interactions with teen readers over at GoodReads. I'm not there as often as I was back in March and April, but I pop in every now and then. The other night I had another fun interaction with a teen reader. We were discussing one of Jenny B. Jones' books when she messaged me this:
             "Jenny B. Jones reminds me so much of your book, Andrea and The Five Day Challenge. Which BTW I think about your book almost every day...It was awesome!"

It is moments like this that makes this whole crazy, harried author life worth it. I love sharing my stories and knowing that they are being read and being loved as much I do.

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