Snow Kissed Origins

I first wrote the story "Snow Kissed" back in 2008 as a short for an anthology. When I received the rights back for that story, I rewrote it, deepened and lengthened it. It's been available through Pelican Book Group since 2009 and has been a bestseller ever since. 

Blurb: Today is one of those days Logan Riley wished he'd stayed in bed. Not only does he have to deal with the annoying Winter Wonderland Carnival but his close friend, that whimsical lover of snow, Holly Armstrong, is leaving town forever. The question is why didn't she tell him and why today, of all days, does he realize she might be more than a friend?

Holly can no longer stay in town knowing the man she loves only sees her as a friend. It's time to move on; besides she has other career prospects.

As the carnival unfolds, watch God work in amazing ways. Can He change Holly's mind and make her stay? Can He help Logan see beyond the friendship? Only time can tell.

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