Agatha Christie Project: Murder at the Vicarage

Blurb: "Anyone who murdered Colonel Protheroe would be doing the world at large a service.” --Reverend Clement

The tranquillity of St Mary Mead is shattered when Lucius Protheroe is found dead. A thoroughly unpleasant character, there is no shortage of suspects with a motive for murder. Could it have been his unfaithful wife?  Her artist lover? The daughter, set to inherit?  Or even the mild-mannered vicar? Inspector Slack is at a loss. Perhaps Miss Jane Marple, the local village busybody, can help...
I just finished reading the novel about a week ago, and it was just as enjoyable as I had imagined. With my busy schedule, I have had very little time for reading purely for enjoyment. This Agatha Christie project to compare the books with the British ITV television series has been great fun! 

This is the first Miss Marple novel and it was written in first person from the perspective of the Vicar. I enjoyed the prose and style of the novel and found the need to keep reading at each sitting longer than I had planned. Finishing a whole novel in 2 days is quite a feat for me these days, but that just goes back to the splendid writing of this author. I haven't had a chance to read a Christie mystery in a couple years so this was pure pleasure for me. 

When ITV decided to reboot Miss Marple back in 2004, this was the first book they revisited in film which makes sense as it is the first Marple novel. I must say that the screenplay was overall quite faithful to the text. Sure, they gave more screen time to Miss Marple than is given to her in the book. In the book, as the point of view character is the vicar, everything is experienced through his eyes and so Miss Marple in many ways seems more like a secondary character. The plot carries through much as the book did and the guilty parties were the same as in the novel. Overall, I was pleased with the film adaptation and Geraldine McEwan's performance as Miss Marple.

An audio introduction to the novel:

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