October Reads

I'm so happy Marie Higgins author day went well on the blog here last week. Thanks Marie for being here and thanks to all you who came by and even commented. It's was a good week.

Thought I'd go ahead and post last months reading. I read a lot of YA this month as I've been writing and editing YA lately.


Enthusiasm by Polly Schulman--YA. I love this book. I think I've read it every year since I bought it. Great writing, good insight into the teen age mind and she created a terrific hero too. Just charming.

Princess in Pink & Princess in Training by Meg Cabot--YA. What can I say. I love these books.

I Do, Don't I? adapted by Catherine Clark--YA. This is one of the tie in novels for the tv show Gilmore Girls. It comes from the point of view of Rory from 2nd year of the show. They are not original stories but adaptations from the show. Even still, they are fun to read.

His Forever by Missy Tippens--Contemporary Inspirational. I got this at the library. It had a slow start and the charcters seemed a little cardboardy at first but they got better and I kept reading. I really enjoyed it.

A Christmas Gift by Diane Craver--YA Holiday Historical. I lucked out in receiving an advance reader copy of this book. I'll be posting more of a review later this month. It's a good little story. The book releases November 15th with Whimsical Publications. Wonderful holiday reading.

Faith by Merry K. Stahel--Inspirational Contemporary. Another terrific Inspirational read from White Rose Publishing.


Amy DeTrempe said...

I am just starting to read a few YA books. I am most intersted in YA historical and I see you have at least one listed. I may have to check it out.

Cindy K. Green said...

Hi Amy. I personally don't have any YA historicals published. I see you are an Inspy historical author. I wish you well as you move into YA.