Book Review: House In Grosvenor Square

I started reading The House in Grosvenor Square with great expectations as I so loved the first book in Ms. Burkard's Regency series. Again I must commend the author on a job well done. The way she writes in the style and language of the Regency era is uncanny. Her descriptions of clothes and places sets you right in the midst of early 19th century London. The story enthralls right from the beginning.

I was pleased to see many if not all of the characters I'd come to know in the first book present in the second. It's great starting a new book with a group of characters you already love and that was exactly the experience as I got back into the story of Arianna Forsythe and Philip Mornay. Now as they prepare for their wedding, trial after trial seems to beset their walk down the aisle. Adversity attempts to separate the pair but with God and the perseverance of their love they just might make it.

It was refreshing to see the continued sincere Christianity of Ariana. She's even witnessing to her abductor. Imagine that! And Mr. Mornay, who became a Christian in book one, is growing in his faith and understanding. I quite enjoyed reading in Mr. Moray's pov as his love for Ariana deepens and becomes apparent to just about everyone he knows. It just about makes your heart melt.

This 2nd book although enjoyable and entertaining does not have the same flavor of a romance as did the 1st since the main characters are already engaged to be married, but it has a terrific plot that will have you reading into the wee hours of the night. I might even venture to say that it has a Gothic feel with a woman in peril by an evil villain and the hero coming to her rescue. So though I say this has a different flavor and not in essence a true romance, it is still romantic in nature.

In summation: The House in Grosvenor Square is a satisfying conclusion to the romance of the characters from Before the Season Ends. Lovely story, lovely writing. Ms. Burkard has a knack of writing intriguing prose and outstanding historical details that draw you in completely. I enjoyed reading it and recommend this book and this author highly.

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