Visions of Fall

Today I took these pictures of my yard in full autumn form. Our house is absolutely canopied by trees. In the summer, that means we stay cooler but in the fall it means we are inundated by leaves. Talk about 'leaf showers.' This first picture is taken from the back deck of the backyard. You can't even see the grass for all the leaf covering.

Here is the back deck-completely covered. An inch or two thick of leaves. We have some definite clearing out to do this weekend. LOL!

These last two shots were taken from the kitchen porch. As you can see, the leaves are so thick that you can't see where the driveway ends and the yard begins. In the further away picture, my flower bed is so covered that it's even with the driveway and has disappeared.

Leaves, Leaves Everywhere! That's what I get for living in a forest. ;)

Happy Fall to All!!


Linda Rader said...

It looks beautiful. At least you have seasons.

Cindy K. Green said...

Hi Linda! I do enjoy the seasons. Growing up in CA, this is a new experience for me. :) Thanks for stopping by.