Saturday's Featured Authors

Welcome to the Weekend Edition of our White Christmas Book Jubilee. We have two more authors to introduce you to and two more books up for grabs. So, come on in and say hello. From the participants today, two names will be drawn so please speak up.

Nan Jacobs

Nan Jacobs is a native of Bucks County, PA (the setting of her book Twilight Whispers) with her husband, son, two sassy black cats, three l'il bunnies, a koi named Detmer and a herd of tow trucks.

Teri Wilson

Teri Wilson loves romance, dogs and wearing pink. Her stories are often filled with happy endings, splashes of humor and a loveable critter or two. After all, Cinderella never would have lived happily ever after without a little help from her animal friends! Teri is the winner of the 2008 Spaniel Journal Writing Contest, the 2006 Westminster Kennel Club Angel on a Leash Writing Award and the 3rd place winner of the 21st Annual American Kennel Club Short Fiction Contest. She lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband, son and three delightful dogs.

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Julie Robinson said...

Hi Cindy,
I just saw your contest entry on Romance Studio, so I came on over. Both of these books looks like wonderful reads. So thanks for introducing new authors (to me anyway). Also thanks for putting together a contest, even though I'm catching the tail end of it. It had to be work in an already busy time of the year.
Best wishes,