Why I Love Thanksgiving

Thirteen Things about Why I Love Thanksgiving

Thanks for coming to my first Thursday Thirteen.

1. Pumpkin pie—I make a great pie only for the holidays
2. Seeing my family—I do see them a lot but it’s just special this time of year
3. That it’s taking place at my sister’s house—I used to be the hostess but this time it’s my sister’s turn
4. All the food—I love Thanksgiving food. Mmm!
5. Family movie time—My sisters and I always plan a fun movie to watch together. This year it’s Bride and Prejudice (The Bollywood version of P&P)
6. A time to pray together and reflect on the past year
7. Teaching my kids about the first Thanksgiving and the purpose of this holiday
8. The harvest colors at this time of year are gorgeous
9. That football keeps the men from taunting our girly movie
10. Cooking with my sisters and my mom—we do some of the cooking in our respective homes but we finish everything off together before we serve
11. The lovely fall weather—it’s getting cooler but winter hasn’t quite set in
12. Taking pictures—I am the family photographer and I photograph everything
13. I did mention the pumpkin pie didn’t I? Oh, just all the deserts because we always have several

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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